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At MVC we aim to make a difference in pets’ lives.  Our team is constantly striving to provide the best service in a compassionate and consistent way. 

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​We have regular meetings and training is provided to ensure we are constantly thinking of innovative and better ways to provide an experience to our clients and pets that touches their hearts.   Click below to find out about the many different roles on offer at Mowbray Veterinary Clinic.

Testimonials for Job at Mowbray Veterinary Clinic

Dr Sinead Phillips – former employee (currently travelling and locuming)

“As a recent graduate I found MVC to be a very supportive team – experienced vets to bounce ideas off and discuss cases, who will actually come out of consult to help you with surgeries if needed; experienced nurses who go above and beyond daily; friendly reception staff who are happy to help anyway they can. You really DO get the opportunity to explore special interests – whether that is surgery, eyes, skin, medicine, ultrasound (and there is an excellent ultrasound machine!). And although it is a very busy small animal clinic, you usually get your full lunch break everyday, with the ability to move your schedule around if things come in, so you’re not doing massive amounts of overtime. The hours also make for an excellent work-life balance, Tasmania is a great state for exploring the outdoors, and Launceston is a cultural city – cafes with great coffee, parks and rivers, restaurants and an active nightlife – and there’s no such thing as peak hour traffic!”

Dr Carol Yuen (multi-visit locum)

“Having worked at so many clinics as a locum , I have to say Mowbray vet is one of the best and would highly recommend to anyone looking for their next career move! Dr Sally and the team at Mowbray Vet are very supportive and professional. They are like family to me after working with them so many times as a return locum. This clinic have everything you need, all the essential equipment and highly capable nurses, not to say lovely clients and being in beautiful Tassie! Can’t recommend enough of this clinic.”

Dr Jessica Webb (multi-visit locum)

“I was employed as a Locum veterinarian and enjoyed my time there. Mowbray is a busy small animal clinic that sees a wide variety of smallies cases as well as a bit of unique Tasmanian wildlife as well (with a good opportunity to work these up thoroughly). The staff are lovely and supportive. Another huge advantage of working in Launceston is the proximity to all that Tassie has to offer including wonderful mountains to hike, scenery to take in and historical sites to see. “

We are currently hiring vets and vet nurses

Mowbray Vet Recruit Ad
Gastric Dilatation and Volvulus or GDVGDV is a life threatening condition where the stomach first fills with gas before rotating on itself causing both the entry and exit points to become blocked. Miss Rosie was rushed into the clinic late Tuesday after her owner noticed her bloating, retching and not herself! Thanks to a quick thinking mum, Dr Sally-Anne and Nurse Tiffany were able to get straight into surgery 😥 48 hours later and Rosie is finally going home 🥰 GDV can be seen in almost any breed but is much more common in large deep chested dogs such as Great Danes, Rottweilers, German shepherds and Weimaraners 🐶 Things you can do to limit a GDV ✅ no strenuous exercise or play 30 mins prior or 30 mins after eating ✅ slow feeder bowls ✅ elevated eating surfaces ✅ limit water intake directly after eating (don’t let them drink lots after eating) We wish Rosie all the best ❤️😍 #mowbrayvetpets #mowbray #veterinarian #GDV #germanshepherd #dogsofinstagram ... See MoreSee Less
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