At Mowbray Veterinary Clinic our vets are superstars.

They love a challenge, love learning and developing new skills, have amazing rapport with clients and each other, and most importantly they love animals.  Being a veterinarian is hard work – everyone knows that mental health and burnout are two of the biggest problems for veterinarians.  At MVC we aim to equip you with the skills you need to flourish in your career.  We know you have an amazing veterinary degree that has taught you about animals, but veterinary skills are are not only clinical.  MVC vets all complete Lincoln’s Leading Edge Training in leadership, communication skills, building resilience and not being afraid of discussing the hard topics.  Sydney University CVE and online VIN membership is also available for all MVC vets to help with continuing education and case discussion.  We have daily rounds and weekly staff huddles to help each other become better as this leads to better outcomes for our patients.

Are you the next superstar vet to join us at Mowbray Veterinary Clinic?

​Join a team of 14 staff and help make a difference in the lives of people and small animal pets in Launceston.  We value honesty, education, respect, trust and care and try to live these values out daily with each other and our patients.  Working professionally as a team is vital to ensuring consistency and quality of care to our patients.  We like to do this with a bit of fun along the way!

To do this we provide Sydney Uni CVE membership and VIN membership to every vet and a subscription to The Lincoln Institute’s Leading Edge Program for vets.  Our clinic is well equipped with all the basics including ECG, BP monitoring, new Mylab ultrasound machine, digital DR x-ray, dental x-rays, tonopen and more.  All vets are leaders and we want to nourish you in your career journey.  Our practice owner and manager are current students of The Lincoln Institute in Veterinary Leadership as well as members of the Veterinary Business Group.

We share after hours with 2 other local family owned clinics to help maintain a better work-life balance among our staff.

Remuneration will be well above award – up to $140K pro rata commensurate with experience.  (After Hours Earnings are in addition to this)

Tasmania is an island state off the southern coast of Australia.  Launceston is in the north and is one of Australia’s beautiful cities – we have heritage buildings from the early 1800s, the option or rural or city living, fast internet, locally grown produce, breweries and distilleries, a wealth of things to discover on weekends from fishing, diving, skiing, music concerts, bushwalking, art galleries, wineries and more.  We support local businesses and residents – a lot of your clients will own or work in businesses that you use and visit.  We are family owned and know how vital small businesses are giving back to their local economy and community.

Contact us to arrange an interview – or call us on 03 6326 4900

Mowbray vet
Mowbray Vet Recruit Ad
Mowbray vet

We are currently hiring vets and vet nurses

Mowbray Vet Recruit Ad
Gastric Dilatation and Volvulus or GDVGDV is a life threatening condition where the stomach first fills with gas before rotating on itself causing both the entry and exit points to become blocked. Miss Rosie was rushed into the clinic late Tuesday after her owner noticed her bloating, retching and not herself! Thanks to a quick thinking mum, Dr Sally-Anne and Nurse Tiffany were able to get straight into surgery 😥 48 hours later and Rosie is finally going home 🥰 GDV can be seen in almost any breed but is much more common in large deep chested dogs such as Great Danes, Rottweilers, German shepherds and Weimaraners 🐶 Things you can do to limit a GDV ✅ no strenuous exercise or play 30 mins prior or 30 mins after eating ✅ slow feeder bowls ✅ elevated eating surfaces ✅ limit water intake directly after eating (don’t let them drink lots after eating) We wish Rosie all the best ❤️😍 #mowbrayvetpets #mowbray #veterinarian #GDV #germanshepherd #dogsofinstagram ... See MoreSee Less
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