Frequently Asked Surgery Questions


What is the expected cost of today’s surgical procedure?
For general procedures, desexings, we have a set price depending on your pet’s weight. For non-routine procedures, lumpectomies/dental procedures/etc they differ depending on many factors, which is why the veterinarian has created a personalised estimate for this procedure. On the morning of the surgery the admissions nurse will discuss the estimate, the included fees and expected cost of the procedure. 

Please note: We do not provide quotes, only estimates. This is due to unforeseen circumstances that may arise during the procedure, therefore the cost may vary. We endeavor to call you to discuss any additional charges where possible, provided your pet is comfortable and not at risk. You must be available to answer this call, if we cannot get hold of you and it’s in the patient’s best interest we will complete this task. This is done as we need to avoid keeping your animal under general anaesthesia any longer than necessary. 

Will I get an update on my pet throughout the day?
You will only be called once the procedure is complete and your pet is ready for discharge, which means you may not hear from us all day. At times we will call if we need to discuss any concerns or queries we may have, i.e. the estimated cost is expected to be exceeded, discuss any complications/blood results or require further information etc. 

Please note: As we will be busy caring for your pet before, during and after their procedure, we ask you not to phone us during the day requesting an update. We will call you as soon as they are ready to go home. Being pet lovers ourselves, we completely understand that pet parents also get anxious and worried about their pet, rest assured we are keeping a close eye on them and making them as comfortable as possible. 

When can I expect my pet’s procedure to be done during the day?
On a normal surgery day, we have anywhere between 5 to 10 patients admitted. The surgery veterinarian will assign an order for the day with surgeries occurring between 9am and 5pm. Your pet may be the first, in the middle or last in the surgery order. 

We generally schedule sterile procedures first i.e., spays, castrates, lump removals. We do the least sterile procedures last i.e., dentals. This order can change depending on many factors and will vary day to day. 

Please Note: We regularly see emergency patients, which are unforeseen and take priority, because of this the surgery schedule can change very quickly. We endeavor to call and advise you of the delay when this happens, if the procedure day is going to exceed the 5pm finish time.

When can I expect to pick up my pet?
We will phone you as soon as your pet has recovered from surgery. This means that we are happy with their temperature, they’re bright, alert and responsive, they aren’t showing signs of pain and they have had their catheter removed. Only then, when we are happy with their recovery, we will phone you to organise a discharge time. If you live 30+ minutes away from the clinic, we will phone you with enough time to get to the clinic before we close.

We will always provide the best care possible for your pet. Rest assured, they will be looked after and cared for before, during and after their procedure.