Our Veterinary Care Services

Mowbray Vet


Now required for both Dogs and Cats in Tasmania

Dental Procedures

From a Scale & Polish to multiple extractions.


Dogs, Cats, Ferrets, Rabbits.

Castration & Spay

Dogs, Cats and Rabbits.

Consultations by Appointment 7 days a week – Out of Hours service available most days.

Call (03) 6326 4900.

Our Veterinary Care Services

Our local vets in Launceston provide exceptional care for both patients and their families through various diagnostics and treatments.

Annual Health Checks

For domestic pets and wildlife

Consult $72
Saturday Consult $79
Sunday Consult $98
Second Opinion $93

Nail Clipping
By one of our Vets or Experienced Nurses

Dog or Cat Nail Trim w/vet – $35
Dog Nail Trim w/ nurse – $15
Cat Nail Trim w/ nurse – $10

Vaccinations and Microchips

Cat Vaccinations
F3 – $74
F3 + FIV – $95
2nd/3rd FIV – $57
(If getting  F3 +FIV vaccination your cat will need 2 more FIV boosters 2 weeks apart)

Dog Vaccinations
C3 – $79
C5 – $89
C5 w/ intranasal – $96
KC Nobivac – $70

Rabbit Vaccinations

Microchip – $44
Now required for both Dogs and Cats in Tasmania

Castration & Spay

Cat Spay $165
Preg Spay $195
Cat Castration $103

Dog Castration
Under 10kg – $175
10-20kg – $195
21-30kg – $210
31-40kg – $225
41-50kg – $245
51-55kg – $265
56kg – POA

Dog Spay
Under 10kg – $252
10-20kg – $272
21-30kg – $288
31-40kg – $303
41-50kg – $334
51-60kg – $385
61-70kg – $430
In season add $55
Pregnant $75

Rabbit Spay – $160
Rabbit Castration – $120

Exporting Pets Overseas

Moving overseas can be a stressful and emotional time

At Mowbray Veterinary Clinic we can assist in certifying your pets as fit to fly and can ensure your pets have all the necessary vaccinations, treatments, blood tests and certificates to enable travel.

Helpful Checklist

We have created a checklist to help make the process easier and ensure that your pet makes it to their new country when you do.


Basic ultrasounds of the abdomen including pregnancy ultrasound.

Digital X-ray

Including hip and elbow scoring for breeders.

Dental Care

Nutrition, Scale and Polish, Extractions, Brushing and Rinses.

Clinical Pathology

In house urinalysis, thyroid and biochemistry profiles, microscopy.

Artificial Insemination

Fresh Semen only


Desexings, Lump removals, Abdominal Surgery, Knee Surgery (Patella and Cruciate), Caesareans.

Behaviour Advice


Skin Advice

Food allergies, atopy, parasites and infections

Orthopedic Procedures

Patella, Trochleoplasty, Cruciate, Arthroplasty


Provided by Cornerstone Crematorium, The sensitive alternative

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We ask that you spray your hands with alcohol on arrival and do not cross the orange line. You may be asked to wait in your car if needed. 😷🐶🐱

We can run a consult via phone from your car if you would prefer and a nurse will hold your pet for the vet in our consult room while the vet talks to you on the phone. 🚗 📞

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